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Twitter blames its users

Posted by midnightcraz on May 30, 2008

It’s so sad to watch a business make so many bad decisions like this one is doing. Right now a pretty significant part of Twitter is down. Track isn’t on. IM isn’t on. Other parts of the service are giving me tons of whale photos that say something is technically wrong.


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Bury The Bad Stuff

Posted by midnightcraz on March 17, 2008

Carbon dioxide is the most prominent greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. According to the Energy Information Administration, by the year 2030 we will be emitting close to 8,000 million metric tons of CO2. Some experts say it’s impossible to curb the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and that we just have to find ways to dispose of the gas. One suggested method is to inject it into the ground before it gets a chance to reach the atmosphere. After the CO2 is separated from other emission gases, it can be buried in abandoned oil wells, saline reservoirs, and rocks. While this sounds great, scientists are not sure whether the injected gas will stay underground and what the long-term effects are, and the costs of separation and burying are still far too high to consider this technology as a practical short-term solution.

Emerging Environmental Technologies

This Idea keeps popping up over and over again, like they are trying to sell us on this. I don’t see how this is going to help? What happens when we start forcing Carbon dioxide in the ground and then there is a Earthquake? The ground is constantly Shifting and Moving Around. I think they should just get away from this Idea..

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