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It Is Done!!

Posted by midnightcraz on November 4, 2008



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Posted by midnightcraz on November 4, 2008


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My Post…

Posted by midnightcraz on July 16, 2008

Sorry about not updating my Post lately, but I recently suffered from a Heart Attack and realized that there are more important things to take care of then the Internet?  I will try to keep up with everything, but I can’t make any Promises..  I will be back to full potential eventually, until then please be patient.. Thanks for Understanding..

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Twitter is Down Again!!

Posted by midnightcraz on May 28, 2008

Twitter is over capacity. Too many Tweets! It is like MSN Messenger saying too many IM‘s.. Or your Cell Phone Company telling you “ We’re down right now because there are too many Text Messages..” Gees!!!

Twitter’s response was “ We’re currently getting a flood of messages from our SMS provider, who was having issues earlier. Please hold on while we weather the storm! “

The problem is they are Down All The Time here lately.. And they always come up with these Pity Excuses like they make things better?

If they are having Money Problems a few Google Adds placed on everyone’s home page would generate some Revenue? That’s not a Problem obviously or they would be all over that, you would think?

Oh, well they are just Shooting themselves in the foot, because all they are doing is driving people to Jaiku (Which I am sure Google Loves.) and Pounce.

Twitter’s Down Time is Ridicules!!

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The Illinois Earthquake 04-18-2008

Posted by midnightcraz on April 18, 2008

The Illinois Earthquake 04-18-2008 happened at The Shawnee or Wabash Valley Fault Zone at 4:30am (GMT -06:00) Mag. 5.2. NOT The New Madrid Fault Zone.. The New Madrid Fault Zone is on the West side of Illinois The 04-18-2008 Earthquake was on The East Side of Illinois.. 38.450°N, 87.890°W The New Madrid Fault is a Sleeping Giant in, 1811and 1895 it had one of the largest Earthquakes ever recorded.. The Church Bells Rang in Boston, and the Mississippi River flowed Backwards. And they say The New Madrid Fault is due for another Big One? I fear the this Earthquake today will wake the Giant?

Update: Aftershock at 10:30am (GMT -06:00) Mag. 4.6

Very Disturbing. I guess because we don’t get Earthquakes that Often?

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China SAYS it uncovered a Olympic terror plot

Posted by midnightcraz on April 10, 2008

BEIJING, China (AP) — China said Thursday it had uncovered a criminal ring planning to kidnap athletes and others at the Beijing Olympic Games.

China ‘uncovers Olympic terror plot’ –

Is this a Real Terror Plot or is it Suppression like they are doing with Tibet and the rest of there Nation? When the world is full of LIERS, how do you know what is True? China is like Emperor George Bush, all they have to do to get rid of someone they don’t agree with is Plant some Evidence or Make up a Lie and Declare them a Terrorist and the World will Magically forget they existed!!

The WORD “TERRORIST” is the new CURE for all things Political.. If they want to get rid of Someone, just Declare them a Terrorist, If they want to turn all other Nations against another Country, Just Declare it a Terrorist State..

It is a Shame what the World has come too!! And just think all this took place on OUR Watch!

Don’t sit back and think “Well there was nothing I could Do about it”. Can you Honestly say you TRIED to do Anything to Fix it? Have you Voted, Protested, Voiced your Opinion, Or just told ONE other person what you think about, Emperor Bush‘s Reign, War, China, Tibet, The Slaughter in Darfur, Global Warming?

Have you even turned on your Local News lately? The World as we know it is in Trouble!!! Our Children and there Children have to live with what we Create?

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High Costs Force One Third of Americans to Skip Needed Health Care

Posted by midnightcraz on March 26, 2008

(HealthDay News) — One-third of Americans — even those with health insurance — say high costs force them to skip needed medical care, a new survey shows.

High Costs Force Third of Americans to Skip Needed Health Care | LiveScience

Healthcare will spiral out of control until we adopt a National Health Care System something like England has were the Government Regulates and Controls Health Care Cost and Awards Bonuses to Doctors Who’s Patients get Better!! It may Not Work Perfectly in other Countries, but The United States of America can make things work that other Countries can not, for example our Constitution? This should be considered a National Security Issue!! A Country is only as Healthy as it’s Citizens!!

3000+ People died in 9-11 and we go to War with Two Countries, but One Third of the Total Population of the United States is in a Controlled Murder / Forced Suicide Situation and we do nothing?  

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WordPress and Video’s

Posted by midnightcraz on March 19, 2008

I like WordPress as a Free Blogging Site, but if you are trying to post a Video on your Blog and it is not from YouTube or Google then you might as well forget it!! They tell you to use something called VodPod, but I tried it Four Times and it Post everything except the Video?

They don’t make it Obvious how to contact them and let them know that there is a problem?

Except the WordPress Forms were the only thing I found was: “You’d need to suggest it using your feedback form, and speaking from experience it’s highly unlikely. There are just too many regions in the world to cater to them all. is probably best to concentrate on some universal video systems like they’re doing, and suggest that you transfer videos from smaller, group-specific platforms to more accessible ones.
My suggestion is to download the videos you want and upload them to a platform that allows.

My Problem is I was wonting to use a Video from Comedy Central which does not allow most of there video’s on allowed sites?

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