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Twitter Down Again???

Posted by midnightcraz on May 30, 2008

Twitter wont let any of my Apps work? (Twhirl and Twitteroo) Twitter wont let them update.

Twitters Response is “The API limit is still being kept at 30 requests per hour to help us stabilize the service for everyone. Some folks will get “rate limit exceeded” error if you use API clients that request data from us at a higher rate. Please reconfigure them appropriately for the time being.

The API limit is still being kept at 30 requests per hour?’ My Twhirl is set to update every 5 min (12 times an hour) and I still get a “rate limit exceeded error”

Twhirl gets the “rate limit exceeded error” after 3 Updates and Twitteroo can’t even start because Twitter wont even let it update the first time?

Twitter is Slowly Killing Itself!!

We are still getting those “Whale Signs” saying “Twitter is Over Capacity, too many Tweets.”

How long can this go on before everyone switches to Pounce or Jaiku?


One Response to “Twitter Down Again???”

  1. Tim Rueb said

    My guess it’s already happening. The the system will be stabilized, but many users will have evaporated.

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