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Twitter is Down Again!!

Posted by midnightcraz on May 28, 2008

Twitter is over capacity. Too many Tweets! It is like MSN Messenger saying too many IM‘s.. Or your Cell Phone Company telling you “ We’re down right now because there are too many Text Messages..” Gees!!!

Twitter’s response was “ We’re currently getting a flood of messages from our SMS provider, who was having issues earlier. Please hold on while we weather the storm! “

The problem is they are Down All The Time here lately.. And they always come up with these Pity Excuses like they make things better?

If they are having Money Problems a few Google Adds placed on everyone’s home page would generate some Revenue? That’s not a Problem obviously or they would be all over that, you would think?

Oh, well they are just Shooting themselves in the foot, because all they are doing is driving people to Jaiku (Which I am sure Google Loves.) and Pounce.

Twitter’s Down Time is Ridicules!!


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