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Beware of Virgin Mobile…

Posted by midnightcraz on May 1, 2008

I was looking for a New “Pay as You Go” Phone other then Tracfone and thought I would try Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobil has a Phone that has a Keyboard called The Wild Card for $99.00, and they offer Unlimited Text Messaging for $10.00 a Month with a Monthly Plan /Without An Annual Contract. The Main Reason I was looking for a New Service was for Unlimited Text Messaging. So I thought I would try Virgin Mobile to see if they worked well in my area, they work on the Sprint Network.

I was on there Web Site looking around and saw a Phone ( The Slice ) that was on sale. If you buy a $20.00 Card you get the Phone for Free. So I thought I would order this phone and try out there Service and How well it worked in my area, Before I paid $99.00 for The Wild Card.

I ordered the Phone on a Friday and Received the Phone on Monday by Fed Ex. The Shipping time was Excellent. But that is where everything came to a Abrupt Halt..

I Charged the Phone and tried to Activate it, and The Web Site said The Activation Number was not Valid and for me to Call a 1-800 Number to get the problem fixed. So I called the Number and got a Lady ( Very Nice ) on The Phone. She tried to Activate the Phone and it gave her problems, So She said She would have to Transfer me over to Tech Help and they would have to fix it.

I was Transferred to Tech Help and waited for a LONG TIME, when the gentleman came back and said he could not fix it. He said He would have to Launch an Investigation on it to find out what was wrong with it? (What Ever That Means?) He took my Information and after awhile said he had filed a Investigation Order and gave me a “Call Back Number Code Thingy” and it would take about 24 hours for them to fix it, and for me to call them back tomorrow. So I agreed and hung up.

I waited for a Day and called back, and got a Young Lady on the Phone and explained the problem to her and gave her “The Call Back Number Code Thingy” that I was given. After awhile she came back on and told me that they haven’t found the problem yet and that I would have to wait for 24 to 48 Hours More and they would contact me by Email and let me know when they are done? ( Like, You Are Costing Us Money Every Time You Call? )

So I have had this Phone for Going on Four Days Now and it still doesn’t work? If this is the way they Run There Business I CAN NOT Recommend Virgin Mobile..

As A Matter of Fact Virgin Mobile has lost my Business, and I WILL NOT be Ordering The $100.00 Wild Card. I don’t want to pay $100.00 for a Phone and find out it doesn’t work either!! As for The Free Phone I will just take out the Battery and give it to my kids to play with. As for the $20.00 I payed for Minutes I will have to Eat it.

I think the “Buy a $20.00 Card and get a Free Phone offer” is to get rid of them, None Probably Work? Something must be Wrong with them or they wouldn’t give them away Free? It Obviously isn’t to get People to try there Service?

Free Phone or Not, You have to get People to try your Service and Maybe they will Stay with Your Business. Believe it or Not, The Sprint Network doesn’t Work Everywhere.. Maybe Virgin Mobile will think about there Business Model and get things Working to Attract Customers instead of running them off. If someone wants to try what you are Offering and maybe become a Permanent Customer you have to give them a Something that Works.

I am Moving on to AT&T with Unlimited Text for $20.00 a Month with A Plan /Without An Annual Contract. I Strongly Suggest Anyone Thinking of Using Virgin Mobile to take this Situation in Consideration, and GOOD LUCK!!

I have talked to Three Different People Now and Waited Four Days. I guess I am going to Have to contact The Better Business Bureau. Every Time I Call I Keep Getting the Run Around, and Told to Wait another 24 to 48 Hours..

I will Update this Blog, IF Anything Changes?

Update : I finally got the Phone Hooked up after Five Days.. But I only get One Bar (Signal) and Can Not send Multimedia Text Messages.. They didn’t even offer any incentives for my Troubles? I Will NOT be doing Business with Virgin Mobile..


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