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The Illinois Earthquake 04-18-2008

Posted by midnightcraz on April 18, 2008

The Illinois Earthquake 04-18-2008 happened at The Shawnee or Wabash Valley Fault Zone at 4:30am (GMT -06:00) Mag. 5.2. NOT The New Madrid Fault Zone.. The New Madrid Fault Zone is on the West side of Illinois The 04-18-2008 Earthquake was on The East Side of Illinois.. 38.450°N, 87.890°W The New Madrid Fault is a Sleeping Giant in, 1811and 1895 it had one of the largest Earthquakes ever recorded.. The Church Bells Rang in Boston, and the Mississippi River flowed Backwards. And they say The New Madrid Fault is due for another Big One? I fear the this Earthquake today will wake the Giant?

Update: Aftershock at 10:30am (GMT -06:00) Mag. 4.6

Very Disturbing. I guess because we don’t get Earthquakes that Often?


2 Responses to “The Illinois Earthquake 04-18-2008”

  1. […] is on the West side of Illinois The 04-18-2008 Earthquake was on The East Side of Illinois. … credit : […]

  2. Bruce said

    It is interesting to me that the Illinois earthquake stayed in the news for less than a day. After 40 years of silence I guess it is not to newsworthy. The aftershocks got a bit more attention than the earthquake. I recall that the epicenter of this quake was Mt. Carmel, Illinois. I could not help but be reminded that in the Old Testament there was/is also a Mt. Carmel. Jehovah God had a little contest with some guys who thought Baal was really cool. The real God answered by fire. It was called down to Earth by Elijah, God answered immediately and very convincingly. Is God trying to wake us up to our rejection of Him? Interesting to me the connection in name. I am not a paranoid freak, just know that we are living in the last days and God is going to give us lots of opportunity as He shows His Grace to us, however, are we going to take Him seriously before it is too late? Jesus is coming and soon! Keep your eye on the Heavens…look East!

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