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China SAYS it uncovered a Olympic terror plot

Posted by midnightcraz on April 10, 2008

BEIJING, China (AP) — China said Thursday it had uncovered a criminal ring planning to kidnap athletes and others at the Beijing Olympic Games.

China ‘uncovers Olympic terror plot’ –

Is this a Real Terror Plot or is it Suppression like they are doing with Tibet and the rest of there Nation? When the world is full of LIERS, how do you know what is True? China is like Emperor George Bush, all they have to do to get rid of someone they don’t agree with is Plant some Evidence or Make up a Lie and Declare them a Terrorist and the World will Magically forget they existed!!

The WORD “TERRORIST” is the new CURE for all things Political.. If they want to get rid of Someone, just Declare them a Terrorist, If they want to turn all other Nations against another Country, Just Declare it a Terrorist State..

It is a Shame what the World has come too!! And just think all this took place on OUR Watch!

Don’t sit back and think “Well there was nothing I could Do about it”. Can you Honestly say you TRIED to do Anything to Fix it? Have you Voted, Protested, Voiced your Opinion, Or just told ONE other person what you think about, Emperor Bush‘s Reign, War, China, Tibet, The Slaughter in Darfur, Global Warming?

Have you even turned on your Local News lately? The World as we know it is in Trouble!!! Our Children and there Children have to live with what we Create?

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