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High Costs Force One Third of Americans to Skip Needed Health Care

Posted by midnightcraz on March 26, 2008

(HealthDay News) — One-third of Americans — even those with health insurance — say high costs force them to skip needed medical care, a new survey shows.

High Costs Force Third of Americans to Skip Needed Health Care | LiveScience

Healthcare will spiral out of control until we adopt a National Health Care System something like England has were the Government Regulates and Controls Health Care Cost and Awards Bonuses to Doctors Who’s Patients get Better!! It may Not Work Perfectly in other Countries, but The United States of America can make things work that other Countries can not, for example our Constitution? This should be considered a National Security Issue!! A Country is only as Healthy as it’s Citizens!!

3000+ People died in 9-11 and we go to War with Two Countries, but One Third of the Total Population of the United States is in a Controlled Murder / Forced Suicide Situation and we do nothing?  

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