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Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90

Posted by midnightcraz on March 18, 2008

Arthur C. Clarke

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Arthur C. Clarke, best known for his work on the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, died Wednesday in his adopted home of Sri Lanka, an aide said. He was 90.

He wrote around 100 books and hundreds of short stories and articles, and wanted to be remembered foremost as a writer.

Clarke, who had battled debilitating post-polio syndrome since the 1960s and sometimes used a wheelchair, died at 1:30 a.m. local time after suffering breathing problems, aide Rohan De Silva told The Associated Press.

Marking his “90th orbit of the sun” in December, the prolific British-born author and theorist made three birthday wishes: For E.T. to call, for man to kick his oil habit and for peace in Sri Lanka.

Clarke was born in England on December 16, 1917, and served as a radar specialist in the Royal Air Force during World War Two.

He was one of the first to suggest the use of satellites orbiting the earth for communications, and in the 1940s forecast that man would reach the moon by the year 2000 — an idea experts at first dismissed as rubbish.

When Neil Armstrong landed in 1969, the United States said Clarke “provided the essential intellectual drive that led us to the moon”.

God Speed Mr. Clarke.. We will Bask in your Brilliance again, When We make the Great Journey Into the Heavens..

Sci-fi guru Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90 – Space-

Sci-fi guru Arthur C. Clarke dies – REUTERS

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