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Dalai Lama: China causing ‘cultural genocide’ –

Posted by midnightcraz on March 16, 2008

(CNN) — The Dalai Lama on Sunday called for an international probe of China’s treatment of Tibet, which he said is causing “cultural genocide” of his people.

The exiled spiritual leader of Tibet spoke at a news conference Sunday in Dharamsala, India, two days after violent clashes between pro-autonomy demonstrators and Chinese security forces in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital.

A spokesman for the self-declared Tibetan exile government said it has confirmed at least 80 deaths in Friday’s violence and that protests were continuing outside the capital Sunday, further undermining China’s hopes of a smooth run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Tibet Watch, a group based in Dharamsala, India, said 34 people have died in the Nwaga County area of Sichuan province in western China.

The dead include women and children, the group said in an e-mail, adding they were killed by Chinese police attempting to stop the protests.

Dalai Lama: China causing ‘cultural genocide’ –

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